Introduction to Salisbury LETS

About Salisbury LETS

Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS) are a way of trading skills, services and goods without using conventional money. Under the LETSystem you could, for example, help one member with their computer, then use the amount you agree on in your local unit of exchange to have your grass cut by someone else. No direct swap is necessary. In monetary terms, the LETSystem is like a sophisticated form of barter. It offers free credit! It has to.

Salisbury’s LETSystem began in 1993 as a paper-based system, and went online in 2012.

Salisbury is in Wiltshire, England, UK and our currency is called Ebbles.

Our little economy grows according to the goods and services we share locally - rather than how much we consume. This encourages sustainability, and the wealth created by trading within the local community stays within the community. There is no need to worry about Treasury policies, sinking pounds, interest rates or overdrafts. However, the overall aim aim of the scheme is to develop reciprocity and mutual support.

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