How to Join

To join Salisbury LETS please study the document downloads below. On the reverse of the Leaflet there is a Form, which you can complete and return to the address on the leaflet. Alternatively, you can fill in the online form linked below.

When you join Salisbury LETS you will receive a members’ pack that includes your personal LETS cheque book, the latest LETS Directory - an updated version of which is always available online - and other information about the scheme. As soon as you receive the cheque book and directory, you can start trading straight away either using cheques or online.

The information you send in your application form will be transferred to your profile in the online system - which you can update by logging on at any time. You can list and update your offers and wants under any of the available categories – or use "uncategorised" and if appropriate we will invent a new category.

To gain access to the members area, you will need to put in your 4-digit ID together with the password that you received in a welcome email - first thing to do is to change the password to one you will always remember via "Profile Update" in the sidebar

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