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Salisbury’s LETSystem was started in 1993. We trade using a local currency called the Ebble. Traders negotiate a price to suit themselves. Salisbury LETS members offer each other a wide range of skills and services from babysitting, cookery and curtain making to photography and proof reading.

Services, skills and goods are advertised in the LETS Directory (Offers & Wants). Some are traded purely for ebbles, with the going rate being about 10 ebbles for an hour’s work. Other deals involve part payment in pounds, where materials or parts are needed. Ebbles cannot be converted into pounds – it is a wholly different system.

When you join Salisbury LETS you will be sent full details of how to trade, along with the Directory and other information. A small sterling charge is made to cover the material costs of administering the system. Admin work is paid for by an annual ebble subscription levied on members. For more on the LETSystem in general, and Salisbury LETS in particular, here are some explanatory PDF downloads.

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